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Brake Check

Railroads must to comply with AAR Rule 125, which requires a railroad to ensure that all railroad cars have had the proper Single Car Air Brake Test.To make this easy, SDS incorporates the BrakeCheck application into the ROCS system.

BrakeCheck uses UMLER information (automatically downloaded each time a car is added to the database) to show the current and prior Single Car Air Brake Test dates, and the next due date for a test. The data is updated each time a car is shipped to the user's railroad.

Bracke CHeck sample screen to ROCS Main Menu page
Click the return button on the screen above to go back to the ROCS Main Menu page

If a car is within 90 days of its due date, the date will show in yellow. If it is within 30 days, it will be orange. If the car is due or overdue, the date will be bright red and white. If the user wants to receive an update the record, clicking on Update will send a download request.

A printable report is available for field use.

Brake Check sample report


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