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Car Hire

Using the ROCS system, you can process your own Car Hire. ROCS downloads rate information directly from the Car Hire Accounting Rate Master (CHARM) system. This system is transparent to the user, and reports can be printed directly from ROCS without having to send data out to a third-party processor.

Full Liability Continuity System (LCS) events are incorporated in the computations, and for each owner a Reclaim (if applicable), Appendix G and Appendix H report is printed. In addition to the printed reports, CHDX (exchange tape) messages can be generated, and transferred to Railinc.

Car Hire sample screen
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Car Hire REport sample


The best way to see the ROCS family of products is for us to demonstrate it live. Please give us a call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a web demonstration of ROCS, ROCSDispatch, or ROCSMobile.