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The Hours Of Service System (HOSS) is Short Line Data Systems' set of tools that help your railroad cope with the Hours of Service Laws (HSL) that were a part of the Rail Safety Act of 2008. The laws put some heavy recordkeeping responsibilities on a railroad, and the HOSS will make that part of the laws much easier. The system is designed to work with your existing paper time sheet system, and is not an electronic recordkeeping system as defined by the laws.

The HOSS is designed to run on Access 2007 or later (either full version or runtime). We can also provide a version that will run on earlier versions of Access if needed.

Main Screen

The HOSS main screen contains the up-front information you need to know about your hours of service employees. The end of their last service, length of service, current rest hours, and do not contact time are all listed right next to the employees name. Additional information on the screen includes consecutive days worked, number of consecutive days of work remaining before a "six and two" situation, total limbo hours for a month, total covered hours worked for the month, and total non-covered service hours for a month. Pop up screens for work data for the current week or month are also available.

HOSS Main Screen scample

Work Event Form

Work entry is accomplished on a very simple to use form, with pull down menus for most data. The system can handle comingled service, non-covered service, and interrupted service with the data entered on this form.

HOSS Work Entry FOrm sample screen


To see how HOSS can work for you, call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a demonstration.


Click here for the HOSS brochure in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.