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Online Reports

The On Line Reports screen is the area used for marketing and historical reports. ROCS comes with a selection of base reports, but the expandability of the program will accommodate just about any report desired. If a user desires a new report that is already not in the ROCS package, it is the policy of SDS to create that report at no charge to the user as long as the data is already available in the database. If the new report requires SDS to modify the data structure of ROCS, there will be a small charge for the new report.

Some buttons on the screen below link to additional demo screens. Hover your mouse over a button, if a hand appears in place of your usual mouse pointer, you can click on that button to see the corresponding screen.

Online Reports sample screen to ROCS Main Menu page Year-to-Date Car Count Report sample Travel Time Report sample Service Matrix Report sample
Click the return button on the screen above to go back to the ROCS Main Menu page

Two examples of reports available to users is the Year To Date Car Count and Travel Time Reports.

Year-to-Date Car Count

The YTD car count shows each customer, their cars per month, and the total number of cars for the current year, in real time. The report is available at the click of a button, and no user input is required.

Year-to-Date Car Count sample report screen

Travel Time Report

The Travel Time Report allows the user to choose the time period, customer, and/or origin to look at for time from Waybill to interchange on the user's railroad. The travel time is shown in days on a bar graph, with different origins indicated with different colors.

Travel Time report sample screen

Service Matrix

The Service Matrix report shows the minimum, maximum and average travel times from WB date to interchange on your railroad for each origin and delivering railroad.

Service Matrix sample report screen


The best way to see the ROCS family of products is for us to demonstrate it live. Please give us a call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a web demonstration of ROCS, ROCSDispatch, or ROCSMobile.