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The Railroad Operating and Customer Service (ROCS) system is a Microsoft Access based application that provides the necessary tools to run a railroad. ROCS simplifies the day-to-day chores, such as car tracing, demurrage, car hire, and settlement, and gives you instant access to the data you need to better serve your customers.

What makes ROCS different?

1. Customer and Yard Management

ROCS allows you to manage your customers’ traffic, instead of your railroad’s traffic. A single screen shows you what cars are inbound to the customer, the cars that are on-line, both at the customer and in storage, and what cars have been interchanged out in the last seven days. The user can view the inbound waybill at all times, and create the outbound waybill with just a few clicks.

Yard management is just as easy, with graphical representations of your yards’ tracks, and easy car movement and track re-ordering.

2. Ease of Use

As with most Windows applications, commands and reports are started with a point and click of a mouse. Being Microsoft Access based, the data in ROCS is compatible with all of the Office applications, including Word, Excel, Publisher, and Front Page.

3. All of the Tools are in One Place

With the ROCS package, all of the applications you need to operate a small railroad are in one connected package: EDI, car rating for settlement, tracing, TRAINII, settlement reporting, LCS car hire, demurrage, UMLER information, and customer reporting. ROCS also uses tracing data from the popular car tracing utilities, such as Steelroads, AccessNS, and ShipCSX to give you a fuller picture of the traffic moving to your railroad.

4. Adaptability to Your Situation

As a semi-custom database, ROCS can be adapted to your specific situation. Its modular design allows us to tailor the setup to your needs, including customized car rating and reporting.

5. Cost Management

All of the members of the ROCS family are priced with the small railroad in mind. The set up and maintenance costs are less than those of other systems on the market. There is no charge for upgrades to the software, nor is there a charge for off-site backup.

Take a look at what the ROCS family can do for you! Then contact us for a demonstration and to have use tailor a package to meet your needs.

The Main ROCS Menu

The main menu is the “crossroads” of the ROCS system. The user can access all of the ROCS sections, with just a click of the mouse. Many of the sections can also be accessed from other menus, so the user does not have to back out of one section to get to another. When the user exits the program by clicking on the Quit button, the database tables are automatically backed up to a separate folder on the user’s computer.

For an interactive look at how ROCS works, click on any of the buttons on the sample main ROCS screen below.

ROCS Main Screen to Freight Operations sample screen Track Capacity sample screen to Settlement menu page to Car Hire page to Utilities and Set-up page to Demurrage page to Yard Status Page to Resequence TRack sample screen to Crew Status page to Search for a Car page to Customer Status page

Track Capacities and Usage

The main menu incorporates a Track Capacities function to show the number of spots on a track, number of cars spotted on a track (empties and loads), tons on track, length of cars, and how many spots remain. If a track is full, the spots remaining field turns red.

Track Capacities screen


The best way to see the ROCS family of products is for us to demonstrate it live. Please give us a call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a web demonstration of ROCS, ROCSDispatch, or ROCSMobile.


Click here for the ROCS brochure in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.