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ROCSDispatch GCOR Edition

The heart of ROCSDispatch is the Main Screen. Most data is entered on this screen, or pop-up forms are accessed with a single click. Forms have been created with ease of data entry in mind.

The screen features the TrackStatus section to show track occupancy and conditions. If a Track Warrant is issued for a train, the warrant number and train designation are shown in the track block given to the train. Speed restrictions are shown in their column in yellow (both passenger and freight restrictions are shown). When a train or track car is occupying a track, the operating limits are shown.

Switch position awareness has become a major issue for all railroads, and ROCSDispatch provides the dispatchers with a means to keep track of open switches. The switch status boxes will show green if a switch is reported as being lined normal. If a switch is reported as being reversed, the dispatcher enters the person reversing the switch and the time operated, and the switch status will change to red with the time reversed listed in the left hand box. If there is a blue flag present, then the boxes will turn blue. When the switch is returned to normal, the return time is listed in the right status box, and the boxes return to green. The switches operated are listed on the Operations Summary report that can be printed out.

The system also warns the dispatcher if they have issued permission for two (or more) parties to occupy the same location. ConflictCheck will show the area in red on the main screen, and a form will pop up to advise the user of the conflict.

The right side of the main screen contains the buttons for the various functions of the dispatch system, such as train crew management, train movements, Track Warrant/Form A/Form B management, flagmen and MOW movements, out of service grade crossings, speed restrictions, and employee qualifications.

As with all SDS products, we will customize the system to the user's needs. We can add forms for radio assignments, maintenance of way forms, or other forms that your railroad has created for your own use.

ROCSDispatch GCOR Main Screen sample

Track Warrants/Forms A/ Forms B

Form entry is simple, with a screen set up to mimic the traditional paper form. The user selects physical locations for the form, and the system adds the mileposts.

ROCSDispatch GCOR Track Warrant Sample Screen

ROCSDispatch GCOR Form A Sample Screen

ROCSDispatch Form B Sample Screen

The printed forms look similar to the ones in the GCOR rule book. Form management screens in the dispatch system allow for easy viewing, editing, and closure of the forms.

ROCSDispatch GCOR Printed Forms Sample Screen

Click this link for the NORAC version of ROCSDispatch


The best way to see the ROCS family of products is for us to demonstrate it live. Please give us a call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a web demonstration of ROCS, ROCSDispatch, or ROCSMobile.