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The user can create the various reports needed for settlement on this screen. Cars can be automatically rated by STCC, weight, or any other rating system that the railroad might use. Different reports can be created for the different Class 1 settlement systems, and reports can be produced for any settlement period required. Reports are also available for special customer billing requirements, switch billing, and surcharge billing. A monthly revenue report allows the user to predict the revenue due for a certain settlement period, and what revenue has been generated during that settlement period.

Settlement sample screen to ROCS Main Menu page
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For railroads that interchange with Norfolk Southern, ROCS automatically creates an Excel spreadsheet that can be sent as an email attachment for settlement purposes.


The best way to see the ROCS family of products is for us to demonstrate it live. Please give us a call at (973) 898-1346 to arrange a web demonstration of ROCS, ROCSDispatch, or ROCSMobile.